FarmallCub.Com Safety Test & Special (Circle of Safety) Profile Badge

Coming soon to FarmallCub.Com, a safety test and with a 100% correct score, the member will receive a special "Circle of Safety" award badge for their profile.

The goal of this test is to promote tractor safety among our community of Cub & Cadet enthusiasts. FarmallCub.Com believes that as the community of owners grows with younger generations, it is very important that these new owners have a firm understanding of how dangerous older tractors are compared to newer models with modern safety features.

The use of older tractors can be fun and rewarding, as well as a lower cost alternative to modern equipment; it can also be a good investment that generally appreciates in value, if maintained properly. The biggest caveat, safety is generally the responsibility of the owner/operator.

To promote this safety awareness, the online, open book, test will allow ALL members to polish their safety skills and knowledge with tractor operation. A 100% score is the ONLY passing score, because in the real world, one failure is all it takes to result in an injury or death.

Look for the announcement of it's availability here and on the community forum soon.

Farmall Cub Tractor Form