Cub Stories

Cub Stories

Hi, I just wanted to send you a pic of my 56 cub with wagner loader.

I am the 3rd owner of her and can trace her back to the day she rolled off the lot in may of 58. My cub spent her early years with her 1st owner doing light garden work until 1975 when my friend Neil bought her and used her for the same type of work untill 1977 when he put the 1958 wagner loader on her.

He really didn't work the loader that much and as time went on he used her less and less, in fact it got to a point where she was getting less than 10 hours a year of run time. Then in oct. of 2001 after talking about buying that little cub off him for a long time I put my mind to it that life was too short and I should just buy it. She had sat under a tarp for a long time and was getting pretty rusty. I sanded her painted most of her and did a tune up ,oil change, wiring and battery box and gave her a new home.

I have been using her to clear land in my wood lot for animal sheds and pens. I am also clearing a field for next year and I just bought a saw rig for her. I can't tell you how much I love this little tractor. By the way, her name is Pricilla, that's another story. take care.

Jim V.

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