For Sale Information & Rules


Welcome to the latest addition to the FarmallCub.Com Forums: The Cub Vine.

POSTERS: The Vine is for posting Cub, Cadet other tractors and equipment finds from other sites and sources. To be useful, include as much information as possible, web links, phone #'s, addresses, source, etc.

NOTE: Do not post another member or your personal For Sale items in this forum. They will be removed without advance notice. Members are encouraged to use the FarmallCub.Com Classifieds to advertise their personal items.

BUYERS: Beware! Items and links posted in this forum are informational only. Fraud is rampant on the internet and caution should always be exercised when dealing with unknown parties and companies. If you have questions regarding a posting, contact the poster, not FarmallCub.Com or it's moderators.

NOTE: The 'Vine' is pruned after 5 days of no activity?

WARNING: Auction Shills: A shill is an associate of a person selling goods or services, who pretends no association to the seller/group and assumes the air of an enthusiastic customer. The intention of the shill is, using crowd psychology, to encourage others unaware of the set-up to purchase said goods or services. Shills are often employed by confidence artists. The term plant is also used. Shill bidding, found on many auction sites such as eBay, is punishable by law and may result in fines and or prosecution. For additional information on eBay shilling visit this link: Auction Shill

NOTE: Auction shilling by members of FarmallCub.Com will not be tolerated! Any member involved in auction shilling (as determined by the site administrator) will be permanently banned from FarmallCub.Com

Cub Express

Cub Express Requests are not sanctioned or authorized by FarmallCub.Com or it's Moderators. All requests for hauling of equipment is the responsibility of the two parties involved -- this includes proper insurance, safety, handling, and any DOT laws required in the transportation of heavy antique equipment.

ALL COMMUNICATION after a Cub Express shipment has been negotiated, must be private (email/PM/phone), and not on this or any other forum of FarmallCub.Com. Any postings of the "where is" or "complaints" category, will be deleted without notice. The alternative to Cub Express is paid & guaranteed shipping by a professional provider.