Rough running cub please help

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Re: Rough running cub please help

Postby alott943 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:13 pm

k hutchins wrote:If you didn't change the plugs yourself, l would double check them. I've not had good luck with NGK.
Had a set that was fairly new (6 mos) and it started running rough/missing. Pulled the plugs and they were fouled. I replaced them with an old set of champions that l cleaned and regapped, now he runs like a dream.

I was also thinking about that. I will check that in the morning also.

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Re: Rough running cub please help

Postby Glen » Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:25 pm

Spark plugs can quit, and then they don't fire, and the engine misses. Then they need replacing.
Or they can be dirty, and that makes them quit firing.
You can disconnect the spark plug wires one at a time, at the spark plugs, while the engine is idling, and see if it runs worse. If you remove a wire and it runs the same as it was, then that spark plug, or the wire, or the distributor cap is the problem.

Some insulated pliers can be used to disconnect the wires, then put them on again. Or you can stop the engine to handle the wires.
The contacts inside the distributor cap get corroded and burned. They can be sanded and cleaned, or if they are burned much, a new cap is better. :)

punchofdeath wrote:The professionals on here would be able to help you a lot more than what I could but I'll give you my thoughts.

I've been told that the key (6) on shaft (30) can get play in the keyway which is in part 8 (Not sure if correct terminology or part but it's whatever the shaft goes into). A knowledgeable member on the site named Glen told me that some people have used some aluminum foil to shim it and tighten it up or something like JB Weld.

Like I said the professionals on here have a lot more experience than what I do but they've helped me a lot with my cub so I'd like to try and contribute what I know to someone.

Someone wrote that his Cub governor linkage had too much wear to use the aluminum foil where shaft number 30 goes into part number 8 in the Cub parts pic, on page 1 of this post, he used thicker material, cutting an aluminum beer can, I think he said.

Thanks for calling me knowledgeable, punchodeath. :)

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