Seat Time

Thu Dec 18, 2003 3:59 pm

Well, finally got my plow back yesterday. Still had a lot of snow to clean up after the storm that we did not get done with the Massey. Counting driving Ellie over to Donny's and back, plus cleaning the driveway, got about almost 2 hours seat time.

The plow is real purty now :!: :D Yellow blade, black frame and a good cutting edge bolted to the plow. Boy does it move snow :!: Keeping in mind it is not a dozer or plow truck, it does a pretty good job scraping ice off the driveway.

Feel a lot safer on the road as well now that I have the SMV triangle and flashing amber light mounted as well. Donny gave me an old 12 volt flashing light that uses a 2 terminal flasher - substituted that for a Tridon 535 6 volt 3 terminal flasher, an 1129 6 volt bulb and voila! a working caution light!

Unfortunately, overnight it rained - a lot - about 25 mm or 1 inch, snow has melted/compacted quite a bit and now the driveway is full of water. To top it off, it is going below 0 tonight, so God only knows what kind of mess we will have in the morning :roll: :(

Only concern I have now is what broke? I went to the shop a few minutes ago, and noticed oil on the floor :?: :shock: :? Not sure what is happening yet, but the puddle is right inside the right front tire just below the bolster ---- I am getting a little worried. Was in clean clothes, so I could not get down and inspect - not sure what I am going to find when I go back down. Sure hope it is nothing serious. (sometimes, maybe we shouldn't power wash - might have removed some sludge that was holding back the leak).

Thu Dec 18, 2003 11:46 pm

Rudi, try to trace the oil back to it's origin, I'd guess possibly a leaky gasket on the front cover, or a front seal.