Revamped Server and New Additions

Mon Dec 29, 2003 9:51 pm

G'day y'all.

Still a little stuffed from all the turkey over the last couple of days, Didn't feel like going outside to play, so I stayed in and played on the computer getting a little bit caught up on manuals and such.

When you go over to the server, you will notice that it is a little bit different. I have been trying to figure out the best way to lay it out, and I think I just might have got it. Will need some feedback to be sure. I really needed to sort everything out into a logical format, so that I can finish up with the PDF's and write to various media.

Anyways, let me know how you all like it.

As well, I have added some more manuals and stuff.

Here is the list:

Sticker Shock - 3 new items, kind of interesting - we pay for a 40 year old tractor what they paid for em new :!: :roll:

GSS-5035 Blue Ribbon Service Manual - Magnetos

Belt Pulley and Power Take-Off Attachments Manual

Cub Adjustable Front Axle Manual (this one is actually ledgible :roll: )

Cub Lo-Boy 154 Owner's Manual

mid 1960's Cub Lo-Boy and Cub Tractor Brochure

I&T IH-50 Service Manual (20 pages or so - abbreviated item - more as an idea of what some of our fellow Cubbers had to work with).

Hope you like em. Got lots more yet, haven't even made a dent in the pile :D