PA Plow Days

Wed Jan 07, 2004 8:32 pm

Here is the official handout for the IH Registry/Past to Present Machinery Association "Plow Day 3"

Last fall we had folks from Canada, California, Illinois, PA, Ohio, WV, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, Kentucky and probably a few others.
The ground is sponsored by a local farmer or two and they are just about the best hosts you could find. Anyone that shows up is welcomed and feels right at home. All tractors are welcome.

Saturday the 24th is for garden tractors to plow and as soon as we get enough of the top of the hill plowed, we start building the pulling track. We are going to have a weight transfer sled and scales there. No competition (official anyhow) it's all for fun and bragging rights. You can plow or pull all day. Last fall we had about 175 hooks to the sled (and we didn't start pulling till after lunch!).

Sunday the 25th will be for the farm tractors. Dave noted on the flyer that if you don't have a plow, that's OK, they'll loan you one. They are like that there. I'd just met the PPMA guys last spring for our first plow day. Hank Will and I hung out for the Sunday plow days just to check things out and take some pictures. Before it was said and done, one of the guys stopped as I was walking to another field and put me on his JD 60 with 3 14's and I was looking for Hank to take a picture, he was already on another guys F-20 plowing. We had never met these guys before and they not only opened their farms to us but also made us their friends. They are most all farmers and just want to help people that do not farm to know what farming is, to get a better understanding.

I'll post the flier in the Announcement section so it doesn't get lost in the archives. I'm going to take my 782 Cub Cadet and my F Cub and plow both days.