Trying Something New

Wed Jan 28, 2004 11:15 pm

Hi y'all:

Thought I would try something new with the latest addition to the Cub Manual Server.

As usual, there are the "jpeg's", but this time I included an HTML document which means now you do not have to view one jpeg at a time. They all load at once.

Already had a dialup account check it and it didn't cause too many problems.

Here is what I would like - please let me know how you like this format. It should be easier to skim a manual to see what you are looking for. Feedback from both highspeed and dialup users will be appreciated.

So for the manual - it is the GSS-1053 Mower Cutter Bars - All Models Blue Ribbon Service Manual.

If you have a Cub-22 or any IH Sickle Bar Mower, this manual is just what you need to maintain that mower bar.

Let me know what you all think.

Thu Jan 29, 2004 12:17 am

:P Rudi, That is vunderful. I am on dial-up webtv as you know and that is the most legible reading and clearest pictures that I have seen on your site. I have a lot of trouble viewing most of the jpegs so I rarely visit. PDF is not compatible for me either. SO, when you got nothing to do Ha-Ha you can change em all to HTML. (Just-kidding) You can go back to your chores now. :twisted:

Thu Jan 29, 2004 12:56 am

Loaded in 9 seconds
GSS-1053 Mower Cutter Bars - All Models

Thu Jan 29, 2004 1:00 am

Rudi when can you get them all changed????
That's a super good job. I guess its to cold out side up there so just stay on the computer and have your wife bring you meals to you. Just kidding! I really like it allot. Keep up the good work.

Thu Jan 29, 2004 6:46 am

Rudi, this is really time to download (I use cable) and it is easy to peruse at your leisure without need to go back and forth between downloaded pages. Thanks for all you do!

Thu Jan 29, 2004 7:45 am

Findoggy, I am curious about your user name->(Findoggy). I am guessing you may have a dog from Finland?.

Just noticed that I made the 500-Club.

Thu Jan 29, 2004 7:58 am

JohnBron: No, my username has nothing to do with a dog. My last name is Finney and my wife (then girlfriend) nicknamed my twin brother and I Findoggy 1 and Findoggy 2. Why, I don't know...I don't try to understand women and the way their minds work. The name has stuck.

Thu Jan 29, 2004 8:12 am

Well Findoggy, That explains it all clearly. I, like you, will not try to understand a womans thinking but I guess they do actually have a reason for what go`s on upstairs under all that hair. "LOL" :roll:

Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:03 am

Rudi, you are "The Man". That is so much more convienient. Keep up the good work!

Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:20 am

OK so maybe I'm slow, maybe because my computer is a MAC, I dunno. But I can't find it!!

I click on Rudi's "Cub Manuals" Icon in his sig. Then where do I go?

I thought it would be under the "Blue Ribbin" link but it's not.

Can someone give me the links to follow :roll:


Guy: try this, Rudi
I would put an img tag on it, but I don't want to clutter up the board. It should work from this link. But seriously, I really would like to find out why Mac's are having problems with the site.... makes no sense -- Steven Job are you out there listening? :roll: :lol:

Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:24 am

Rudi: Works good for me. I like it. Dan

Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:35 am

Shopp'n Cubs wrote:OK so maybe I'm slow, maybe because my computer is a MAC, I dunno. But I can't find it!!

I click on Rudi's "Cub Manuals" Icon in his sig. Then where do I go?

I thought it would be under the "Blue Ribbin" link but it's not.

Can someone give me the links to follow :roll:


Guy, After you click on the Blue Ribbon link go to

"GSS-1053 Mower Cutter Bars - All

and it is at the bottom under the title "HTML".

Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:35 am

OK, this is the life of someone on a MAC system.

As I said in my other post, when I go to the "Blue Ribbon" link the file is not there. That's using Apple's "Safari" browser. If I use Explorer it shows up!


OH by the way Rudi, good idea. Worked great once I found it.

Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:50 am


On my slow dial-up, it took a bit... so I downloaded it while doing something else. The quality was much better! I don't know if it can be printed out in a hard copy. I just saved it to my hard drive last night and opened it this morning. All that was there was pages of red X's. I'll try again later. If we can save the pages somehow, they will be much better.

Your effort is appreciated!

Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:51 am

Thanks for the feedback guys. :D I really appreciate it. I guess we have found a new format. 8) As I do manuals, I will post jpeg's and html docs at the same time. This way, the jpeg's can be called up individually when needed (to include in posts for instance).

JB: I know you are on webtv and it is difficult for you to navigate the server. I will try to get all the files turned over to html documents, but it will take a while. I still have about 20 more manuals to scan. Most of them are parts manuals, and I won't be scanning the whole manual, just the sections on Cubs. Once that is done, I will have a little more time to work on the docs.

Still have Em's china hutch to restore - not been going well - too much time spent on my Cub's and not enough on the hutch..... gettin into trouble with the better half :roll: :wink: