More Quality Seat Time!

Sun Feb 08, 2004 6:57 pm

The weather channel forecasted a light snow starting Friday evening and turning to rain over night.

Ya know, I really am glad that the weather people haven't got a clue! It did start snowing Friday evening and it is still snowing now and it is Sunday evening - 8pm.

I spent 2 1/2 hours on Ellie yesterday from noon until 2:30, doing my driveway and the in-laws. Had to do it again last night, but ended up playing as well so I got 3 1/2 hours seat time.

I am now planning to go out and do it again. Wonder if I can stretch it till midnight :?: :lol:

Ellie is running like a racehorse, chomping at the bit to get out into the snow:!: :D and so am I!

Ain't winter wonderful :!: :!:

Sun Feb 08, 2004 8:12 pm

Rudi, You are going to wear that old girl out this winter and she wont have any Oommph left to plow your garden come spring time.

Ya gotta grow that carrot before you can lead her with it. :-:-):

Sun Feb 08, 2004 8:16 pm


I check the weather 2, 3 times a day just hoping for some snow to plow :-:-):
My wife tells me I get "Tractor Grin" evrytime it snows


Sun Feb 08, 2004 8:56 pm

Drats :roll: :oops: :cry:

I went down to the shop after getting more gas for the old girl, filled her up, opened the door, opened the petcock, set the choke and pulled the starter :arrow: nada :!: zilch :?: wouldn't even turn over :cry:

Seems I forgot to turn the key to off and the battery is dead :!: Tarnation, now I got to wait until tomorrow.....

Oh, I is hangin me head in shame ----

JB: not to worry, she gots lots of git up and gooooo left. I am not worried about that at all. The only thing I am beginning to worry about is fixing the coolant leak, the oil leak at the pulley and now what seems to be a Touch Control pump rebuild. Noticed a little extra Hy-Tran where it isn't supposed to be - on the outside of the pump at the gasket.... :?


Emilie says the same thing to me -- then she shakes her head and says "Boys gotta have their toys!". Which is fine by me.

I am trying to figure out what is going on this winter - last week we had snow for 2 days, then it warmed up and we got rain. Now I got ice on the shop driveway which makes for interesting runs up the driveway. I am sure you will get snow sooner or later, ours is coming from your way so you should be getting some.

Sun Feb 08, 2004 10:14 pm

Rudi wrote:Drats :roll: :oops: :cry:

Seems I forgot to turn the key to off and the battery is dead :!: Tarnation, now I got to wait until tomorrow.....

Don't be surprised if you have to replace your points, or possibly the coil.

Sun Feb 08, 2004 10:28 pm


For God sake's I hope not! Geez then I will really feel stooopid! :oops: :oops:

Mon Feb 09, 2004 12:00 am


Not to worry...Remember the "Value of a Cub". :lol: :lol: :lol:

Mon Feb 09, 2004 8:48 am


I was thinkin that last night. What is the worst that could happen? Geez, I guess I would have to take the mag off again to replace the points and condensor.

I have only done that what :?: :censored: :?: :arrow: too many times to count, so it should be relatively easy!

Keep fingers crossed though. That 50 bucks would do much better getting my 4 front rims blasted/primed and painted :!: :D :{_}:

Mon Feb 09, 2004 8:54 am

Rudi, Save your $50-Bucks and do your rims in the de-rusto tank.

Mon Feb 09, 2004 10:06 am

Rudi, if you are running a standard mag, disregard my comment aobut points and coil. If your mag has been converted to a coil operation, it is still a possibility. Before taking the mag apart, leave the switch off, and connect an ohmeter to the lug on the side of the mag while cranking the engine over. You should be able to see the meter swing back and forth as the points open and close. If you can see this, the points are probably ok.

Mon Feb 09, 2004 10:14 am


Ellie is still a stock 6 volt system with the exception of an external coil vice the internal coil which is just an empty space for now :!: :D

I was just getting ready to go down and try to start her up. Making a fire and then off I go. Will let you know what happens.

Got me fingers crossed :!:

Mon Feb 09, 2004 3:26 pm


I think I am going to try that, but got to take one thing into consideration. From what I have been told and what I understand, one should never use the electrolysis tank indoors. If that is the case, I may have to wait until spring. Trying to move a 45 gallon drum outside gets a little difficult, and I can't leave the shop door open.

I am going to build a tank similar to what my buddy Gordon Trail built. I will borrow Donny's digital and take pics as I go through the process. Might make a nice article for the Implements and Plans section.

John, Donny and all:

Success :!:

Took me morning paper to the shop, plugged in the charger and by the time I finished reading the paper, Ellie started right up.

Went out and played for another 3 hours today. Still have about 1500 feet to do on the road behind the shop down to the brook. Gonna take some time though cause it is all ice under the snow!

I really like winter!

Mon Feb 09, 2004 7:56 pm

Rudi, not to be hard to get along with, but why,why,why would you take the mag OFF to change the points!! You'll still cuss, but for different reasons. :lol: You can change the points with the mag on, and you don't have to re-time the mag, which I consider a real pain!!! A stubby screw driver is a real asset for changing with the mag on, but I consider the space restriction worth the bother rather than mess with a well timed engine.
Just my 2 C.

Mon Feb 09, 2004 8:44 pm


I know :roll: But with these big mitts of mine and a setup made for little fingers, it is just easier to take off the mag...... I spent hours the first time trying to change the points with the mag still on --- ya wanna hear cussin :?: :?: :censored: ya shoulda been there :!: :lol:

Besides, I am so used to taking the mag off and puttin it back on from all the times I did it, I can probably do it blindfolded now :wink: :lol:
When I put Jethro back together again, I will try to do it with the mag on just for practice. That way I won't be messing with a purrfectly tuned mill! :{_}:

cya thursday

Tue Feb 10, 2004 3:51 pm

Got another hour in the seat - down to the brook! BinL gave me a hand with his Ram, and now I was just cleaning up. Still fun though. Ellie is running like a top. :{_}:

Unfortunately I guess, depends on how you look at it, :mrgreen: - it is about 5 above and the snow is melting, so the driveway is almost bare now. Hopefully the ice will soften up a little and will roughen up as it freezes again... better for traction.