Another Log Splitter Idea

Tue Mar 02, 2004 11:53 am

Here is my version of the 3pt splitter. It isn't fully finished but hope to have it going by fall. It can be used horizontal or vertical. A smaller version might work for the Cub. Problem is with only about 10pto hp the Cub will be maginal for the hydraulics and will most likely need a 2stage pump. I figure the H or similair sized tractor will idle during use unless I desire faster cycle times. I wouldn't advise using Cub pump for this application. It only has 2.8gpm and certainly not designed for continous duty. I was surprised at how hot the oil gets on the commercial ones on a cool day. On a hot day after hours of use the reservoir is almost too hot to touch. That is why I built a 21gal tank on my unit so hopefully I won't need a cooler.

Tue Mar 02, 2004 3:22 pm

Very good design. I am guessing the hitch behind the splitter goes to a trailer to haul split wood? Some quick questions - Do you use the PTO to direct drive the pump? Is it at 540RPM? Do you use a 2-stage pump?

One of the things I came to last summer is that the cub pump does have the pressure potential for a splitter; but, has no where near the volume.

I was looking at a high rpm (3500) single stage pump to get the volume and pressure. The pump I was looking at was 18.5 gpm for about a 15 second cycle rate on a 4" cylinder. Most likely about a 5 gallon return tank to let the oil settle and cool a bit between cycles.

I am pretty sure I can get close to 9 HP transfered from the PTO to a remote mounted pump with a 'B' section belt. I was looking at the I-beam for the splitter being perpendicular to the back of the tractor rather than parallel as you have done; also, using the rock shaft and arm to the I-beam to raise and lower the splitter for transport.

Great picture and nice project.


Tue Mar 02, 2004 6:15 pm

Oscar-To answer your questions-That is a prince pto drive pump rated @540rpm, 21gpm @2250psi-1stage. 2 stage pumps are used mainly to allow small engines to develope high pressure butt at a cost .When those pumps shuttle to the 2nd stage your flow drops to nil thus the cylinder motion slows to a creep. If you have adequate hp 2stage pumps aren't necessary. Resevoir qty should be same as pump pgm. Any Northern Hyds catalog has the formula for hp vs pressure /volume equation. There are no free lunches here. There will only be so much pressure and volume you can have for a given hp.I wanted power and speed with no sacrafice. After using homemade and commercial units I decided my splitter needed the best of all worlds-ability to raise and lower to comfortable height and work horizontal or vertical (that unit pivots on the left side). The 3pt give you that flexability. The framework is all part of the unit with a standard receiver to pull my wagons into the woods behind the splitter.

Wed Mar 03, 2004 9:14 am


Thanks for the info - I am still in the polishing stage of a cub splitter - it's nice to see other good projects and get information from someone who has constructed a project themself.

It's true the Cub is on the border line for pump power - not to mention losses in a belt drive to a seperately mounted pump.

Thanks again - I'll post as I progress.