C-3 Mower

Sat Mar 06, 2004 1:47 pm

I found a C-3 mower this morning that will be for sale if anyone wants it.

It looks to be about 95 - 100 % complete. When I get it home, I will be able to tell better. If it is missing anything, I don't see what it may be. As best I can tell it has the following major parts:

- Deck appears to be solid and has all skirts.
- Skids are home-made.
- All three spindles appear to be free.
- Front anti-scalp wheels are present and appear complete.
- Idler pulley bar appears to be complete, but has what looks like a home-made drawbar welded to it.
- PTO pulley with hub is present.
- Belt appears to be in good shape.
- Angle iron for attaching to final drives appears to be complete and straight.
- Lift chain and attachment to the rockshaft is present.
- He doesn't have or can't find the nuts/bolts to attach to tractor.

I will post a message when I get it home. The guy wants $200 for it which is what he says he has in it. I am going to bring it home and post it on our Agricultural Review for him if nobody on the board wants it.

You will need to pick it up in NC at my home.