Saying howdy

Sun Mar 07, 2004 11:01 pm

Hello. Just a note to say I'll be posting several pics to the board of the open house/old tractor gathering the 20th at the dealership I work for. Hope everyone is well. Brannon

Mon Mar 08, 2004 7:56 am

Brannon: Any estimate yet on how many old tractors/implements you expect to be displayed? Dan

Mon Mar 08, 2004 1:30 pm

Hey Dan. Not yet. Last year there were 4 old tractors. If they show up that will make 7 with my 2 and Randy's JD "M".

Mon Mar 08, 2004 7:33 pm

Brannon: I have a couple of cubs which I could probably bring. If I do, I could mount implements on them. I believe that you have a sickle mower but I could bring any two of the following: mid-mount disk plow, mid-mount grader blade, mid-mount flail mower. One cub has hydraulics while the other has the spring-assisted hand lift so they would demonstrate a variety of options available in early cubs. I do not have a trailer of sufficient size to haul a tractor and implements but I might be able to borrow one for the day. Let me know what you think. Dan