Kerosene for cleaning

Sun Mar 14, 2004 8:34 am

After stripping out my hydraulic block for rebuild, I want to clean it out real good and remember someone in the past saying what they used. Is kerosene ok to soak this block in. And they say to coat all o rings with CUP GREASE when installing. Just what the heck is cup grease. Know it's not the stuff out of the cup that my wife pours the bacon grease into. Wish we could have bacon once in a while. But'll clog you up! Back to the subject, what can I coat the o rings with that I actually know what it is. Thanks
Dan Stuckey
Altoona, PA.

PS and for torqueing, a light coat of oil on the threads, right?

Sun Mar 14, 2004 9:45 am

Just my opion here, but I seee know reason that Kero. can't be used. although It is Flamable. No Nylon rags" Stater solvent is used for this reason. Lubing seales is best done with Lithium, grease or ATF. They are vegtable lubes and harmless to rubber, Although most seales are of neopreem now days and resistent to oil,. "Jack"

Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:06 am

Cup grease, is what we would call gun grease, or just regular grease. It was called cup grease, because much of the older equipment rather than being equipped with grease fittings as they are now, had a cup that you filled with grease, and every so often screwed it down a little to force more grease into the bearing.

The newer touch control manuals say to lube the o'rings with HYTRAN. I would use the Hytran, especially if that is what you intend to refill the tc with. I had an older tc that I rebuilt and put Hytran in rather than the 30 weight oil it had in it originally. It does work much smoother, though I can't say for sure if it is because of the Hytran, or the dirt I cleaned out of it.

Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:07 pm

I just finished rebuilding my touch control on our 64 cub. I washed all parts in kerosene and allowed to dry. then before starting to rebuild I used break cleaner and used compressed air to blow all parts to make sure all dirt, dust and grit was out and off parts. then coated all parts and o-rings with the HYTRAN all went back together O.K. When started tractor had no leaks and all worked smooth and good.

Only problem is to watch the torque settings that is in the service manual. Broke two bottom pan bolts off but was easy to remove.

hope this will help.