Carb Question

Mon Mar 15, 2004 8:42 am


I am trying this year to stop my carb from leaking. After years of float adjustment, I felt it was time to change the needle and seat. After seeing the new one it was clear the old one was warn. I was going to change the float but the cost was too much $70.00 CND. Got new parts in and of course it just flooding as the float tang had been adjusted up to compensate for the wear on the needle. Ater a day for putting carb on and off and checking fuel level with the tube we all should have by now
it stopped leaking and level is about wear it should be.


Needs choke to start even when warm but just for a second till she kicks (before I needed no choke) But she runs reaves and idles well.

Comments welcome
I am going to re-time and adjust valves to-day and see how she does under a load. I don't want to spend the day covered in gas, but it is a great way to stop smoking.


Mon Mar 15, 2004 11:56 am

A little choking while starting seems a small inconvenience considering the problem you corrected.

Mon Mar 15, 2004 12:22 pm

I think I found the problem. I went out this morning to find a little gas leaking from the fuel bowl plug. It seems yesterday I may have worn some thread off the plug hole.

Would a small leak at this point cause the need for choke?

And what is my best fix for this .My first thought is to go next door(my neighbour has a tap set) and retap it.

All comments welcome.

Oh well...One step forward one step back.

Thanks Dave

Mon Mar 15, 2004 1:30 pm

I think I'd try some thread sealant first.

Mon Mar 15, 2004 4:19 pm

Could you recommend a thread sealant. I thought of that, but I would need somthing that will stand up to the gas and not get into the carb. I have enough trouble with rust.

thanks Dave

Mon Mar 15, 2004 4:22 pm

Try your local auto supply store. I'm sure Loctite makes something that will work. Or there is a petroleum-resistant teflon tape. Just ask the counter-person. (Try to find one that isn't still in grade or high school.)

Mon Mar 15, 2004 5:55 pm


Permatex High Performance Thread Sealant, white, # 56521, has worked for me.

It comes as a 50 mL tube, but you only need a little tiny bit. Use a tooth pick to apply it several threads down from the leading thread of the plug, one revolution only. A little will go a long way and you don't want this stuff making it's way thru the main jet or idle ports.

Lurker Carl


Mon Mar 15, 2004 6:20 pm

I doubt the leak from the bowl plug is connected in any way to the choke issue. The choke increases the ratio of fuel to air. It may be getting too much air from someplace. Maybe you have developed additional air inleakage in the repetitive process off taking carb off and putting it back on. I remember back when I had a leaking carb - one day I repeated the process about a dozen times. Good luck.........Bill V.

Tue Mar 16, 2004 4:07 pm

Thanks, I get to it after the snow . They say we are getting 30cm thats a foot. Too much for spring][/img]