I'm back again....still need help...

Sat Mar 20, 2004 2:37 pm

Howdy, It's me again.
I have written several times about my cub I purchased. I finally got it home two weeks ago. The weather has been bad and my job gets in my way, today I took my cub to my farm place and took the mower off so I could look at the tractor more closely. There is a homemade bracket that held mower pullys and the drawbar.Question : the drawbar is 10 inches to floor.It looks to me that there is mounting holes that would accomodate the drawbar,if so the drawbar would be 17inches from floor. What is the height of drawbar when fastened to original mounting holes?The serial number plate was painted over and I bought some paint remover on my way home and got the paint off. The plate appears to have been sand blasted , the texture was rough. I could read the stamped numbers 97744 and below them is the number 1800. That's all that is visible. I'm still not sure of what year it is yet. It has the underslung exhaust and no hole in hood for upright. I looked at it really close and can't tell if parts were replaced. It has ,what I have found, the short wraparound instrument panel. It has one empty hole at bottom and I don;t know what went there ,but I want one.
For some reason knowing the year is really important to me even though many year model parts interchange. I have seen the terms ' high boy' 'low boy' , what determines this? I measured 22 inches from bottom of oil pan to floor , does that help in determining an answer?
Have I asked too many questions yet?
I put a new battery on it (6 volt) and there were some sparks when I connected the Positive cable. I do know it is pos. grnd.
I am about to take some pictures to share. Is there any particular shot that would help us to date this tractor? I will send pics. to anyone that wants to help me.
I need a carb. kit ASAP. where do I order from?
Thanks for you time and considerations.

Sat Mar 20, 2004 3:23 pm

97944 would be the serial number, which would make it a late 1949 model (same year as the one cub-bud is fixing up for me. The 1800 is the maximum no load rpm. If you will go to the new mmbers read this at the top of the forum, it has links to a good cub faq, as well as pictures.