Wheel rims on a 1949 Cub

Sun Mar 21, 2004 7:45 pm

Hey guys,

Well, I am deep in preparations for this year's Fourth of July parade in Crest, California. I was having some electrical problems on my cub (the battery kept running out of juice) so I decided that it might be my generator or regulator. So, in order to remove the generator (which I am going to take down to the local tractor shop to be checked out/repaired), I had to take off the hood and, as things do, one thing led to another. I decided it would be an excellent time for me to replace the worn out radiator on my cub with one that I bought from TM Tractor Parts a couple of years ago. But before I jump into the radiator project ... I need to finish the wheels first.

My question is this. My cub is a 1949. Does anyone know what the original color of the rims on a 1949 cub is? My buddy at the local tractor shop thinks it was silver. But I want to be absolutely sure before I paint. It is my understanding that the wheels themselves are red. Once I have all the painting done, my local tractor shop will install new Titan tires on the rims.

Then I will tackle the radiator project. :D And I am sure I will have some questions for the collective wisdom of this great group of cub owners!!! :D

Thanks for any information or advice you may be able to pass along to me.


Sun Mar 21, 2004 7:51 pm

Front rims are all red. Rear rims are silver (galvanized actually) with the centers being red.