New toy to play with

Sat Apr 03, 2004 11:27 pm

I was out in the country side the other day delivery hay feeders and ended up at the neighbors house. Saw he was junking several things and asked about Cub parts or pieces. Well if you remember back awhile I said I found a water pump that will run off a belt pulley, well I was able to finally pick it up. It is rusty of course but complete and free tyrning. Would like to get some pictures of it because I really don't know much at all about it. It is a 1-point hook up style that is in line with the belt pully. I was told it could pump a gallon a second with a 4" hose I believe. He also said he had a few belt pulleys, a cultivator and maybe a few sets of weights. None I want but will take and sell later. This brings my total now of about 18 implements for that little bugger.
Ya all enjoy, I'll get ya a picture as soon as I can find that darn camera.