Electrolysis or Sandblasting

Wed Apr 07, 2004 10:33 pm

I am ready to start cleaning the cultivators that will go under Dad's '48 cub. I am back and forth between sandblasting everything or using electrolysis to remove the rust. I am leaning toward sandblasting....I don't know how clean I could scrub the difficult parts like the spring trips and pressure springs. Anyone here cleaned any cultivators lately :?: :roll:

Wed Apr 07, 2004 11:11 pm

Never cleaned any cultivators, but I have done some sandblasting, and I would think that if electrolsysis were used to remove as much as possible that the sandblasting would then be much quicker and easier. Plus, it's going to be interesting to snadblast the inside of those springs.

Thu Apr 08, 2004 7:20 am

Ditto what John said. The Electrolsis will cut the sandblasting time by at least 60 persent. really saves on the compressor.

Thu Apr 08, 2004 8:18 am

Ditto, John and Basketcase. no contest. and if there is any paint left on the item, it loosens it right up. My entire tractor went into the goop, one piece at a time, except for the engine and trans. 8)