PTO shifter thingy

Tue Apr 13, 2004 7:41 pm

The repaired shifter thingy is still working on my CUB but I haven't had my Woods 42 back on it. I decided that I would go ahead and put a new factory shifter thingy in it before I put the mower back on. I'm sure the little button that runs in the slot of the coupler sleeve is harder on the factory one than the piece I repaired mine with. I hope all of this high tech talk has't confused anybody. :)
Anywho, does anybody have the part number of that little quadrant and shaft part handy? If I go to my dealer I may get some kid that ask "what is a CUB?"
Isn't that stinking little thing about $50?

Tue Apr 13, 2004 7:55 pm


Now you're making me feel bad! I liked your repair with the socket head screw so well that I did one like it. I agree that it isn't as hard... the entire lever assembly is hardened, very hard. Many guys get by replacing the hardened tip on a shifter with brass, so maybe it'll be O.K.

The original part number is: 351 287 R11