Hydraulic pump question

Thu Apr 15, 2004 1:41 pm

Started my cub today to try and hook up the cultivators. My touch control thing is stuck, the handle moves fine. Won't move a millimmeter, its locked up solid. Fluid is good and it was working last summer. I replaced the motor this winter and put the pump on the motor. Now she seems to be stuck. I tried to purge the air out of it, but it won't move to purge the air. I took the pump off and hooked it up to my drill to see if it was pumping. I poured some fluid into both inlets and outlets and started the drill. One sucked and one pushed the fluid out. But not really hard. I would think there should be more pressure than this. It just more or less bubled over. from what I tried to explain, does anyone have some input on my delema?

Oil is not leaking out anywhere. Also, the gear on the pump is good, the Key is in place and is not spinning on the shaft.

Thu Apr 15, 2004 1:59 pm

The head of the main Touch-Control block has a pipe plug screwed into it. You may have to remove the instrument panel to get at it, but remove this plug. Behind it is a fitting with a small orifice in it. The orifice is probably plugged with some dirt that got into the system.

Look on Rudi's server for the Touch-Control Service Guide. You should find an illustration of the parts I am refering to.