Mowing again

Mon Apr 26, 2004 8:25 pm

I have found that it takes me a little longer to do things than it used to. What used to take an hour or two now takes a day or two. I spent part of Friday, Sunday afternoon, and this afternoon getting the grader blade off my old 48, and putting the flail mower on. Made a couple of repairs on the flail and installed the mower lift I got from Russ. Greased and chnged oil, and then put her to work. A neighbor had bush hogged the lower part of my property for me a couple of times last year, but it was high with old grass and new fescue clear up to the front axle of the cub in someplaces. The governor opened, the old 48 coughed a time or two, and the she started mowing like she was serious.. Settled down to a sweet growl, and just kept getting it. Felt and sounded great, but I had to have a new drain field put in while the ground was soft and the field is pretty rough. After 30 minutes or so, I had enjoyed about as much as I could stand and had to shut down for the day, but I sure was happy. This was the first time my health has let me mow with the cub since the summer of 2002. It felt great even though I couldn't mow for too long at a time. :D :D :D

Mon Apr 26, 2004 9:21 pm

Hey John
It took you a couple days, but you got some time on the cub for the first time in two years. Very Glad to hear that. I am happy for you !!! Paul K. in N.H. :D

Mon Apr 26, 2004 11:07 pm

I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who likes to cut grass....if I ain't mowin' I'm goin'..

Nothin' smells better than fresh cut grass.


Mon Apr 26, 2004 11:54 pm


I'm glad to hear your able to enjoy your Cub. I have a 48 Cub as well that I found in my neighbors barn. It had a frozen engine that I got running and I got about a year and a half good use out of it. I'm hoping the engine restoration will be complete this weekend so I can do some work myself. I think mowing is my favorite thing to do and have quite a bit of it waiting for me. :)

Best Regards,


Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:18 am

Hey John. Glad to hear you had a great working weekend. Gives you a sense of accomplishment, huh? Bet you were sore for a few days after. Wouldn't it have been nice to have the mower already installed on your other cub? What two implements are going to be attached when the other cub returns home and settles down?

Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:25 am

hey john! Good to hear of your weekend. I. too, got the Cub mowing. I've mowed my 3.5 acres twice since putting on the new carb. Thanks for your advice and good luck with your mowing. Bob :D

Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:31 am


Glad you are able to run the Cub a bit. Kind of theraputic - mowing that it. The smell of fresh cut grass, the purring of a well tuned engine and seeing a field become a lawn is a great way to pass an afternoon.

I am looking forward to the start of mowing season - still too wet, rained yesterday and is raining again. We had about 1 inch of snow the otherday - Nor'Easter done hit us -- 100kph winds and -13 degrees.. not too bad for April :roll: :cry: :lol:

Tue Apr 27, 2004 8:46 am


Ron L. - since I installed the hand lift on Missy (49 Bud is refurbishing) it will get mower duty after it is run in good. The lift isn't used that much on the flail mower. The 48 (with touch control) will alternate between the grader blade or rear dirt scoop in the summer and the snow blade in the winter. Since I'm presently not able to garden, and my wife is too busy teaching special Ed. I am not worried about the plow this year.