CubFest Northeast 2004 - Reminder

Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:28 am

This is posted on the Announcement Board, but thought I should post here as well.

Hi all:

Just want to remind one and all who are planning to attend to ensure that you have or will in the very near future, mail off the registration form to David.

We really need to know how many are coming (including the better halves if attending), so that we may plan the Saturday sitdown supper.

We have to know by the last week in May or by 2 June at the absolute latest. We need to be able to give the caterers some heads up time.

David, Alton and I are looking forward to meeting you all and putting faces and memories to the names of our friends on the Cub Boards.

The Registration Form such as it is is on the Cub Manual Server.

Thanks much.

BTW, forgot to mention we have Demonstrators scheduled to be in attendance - Cub Demonstrators that is! We are also trying to convince one of the local tractor owners to bring a special tractor to the show side - I think all would be interested to see this particular unit.

Sun May 02, 2004 4:53 pm

Really need to emphasize this - really need to know how many wish to attend the Saturday sit down meal as we have to make arrangements very very shortly. Also, if you want t-shirts and/or hats - they are gonna be nice, I need to know that as well, as they must be ordered ahead of time and I will need at least 2 weeks for the order to get processed.

Cost estimates will be posted to the webpage shortly for the t's and hats..

Thanks all