Smoky holes??!

Wed Apr 28, 2004 5:38 pm

OK, I'm about to show you how little I know about this little gems.

Right side of tractor, the forward "rounded diamond" protrusion with two holes. There are two on each side, I'm talking about the one right back from the starter.

I believe I had smoke shooting out those two holes! "Splan" it to me Lucy :lol:


Wed Apr 28, 2004 6:19 pm

:roll: If I am reading your post right I think you are talking about the holes on each side for mounting attachments. They are usually plugged with cork if they have not been used. There should not be any smoke coming out of them "Unless" there is a mouse in there smoking a Big-Fat-Stogie. :mrgreen:

Thu Apr 29, 2004 5:04 am

If the mouse isn't smoking, it's being burned out of house & home! Check to see if the hand hole cover is in place. Most likely a mouse nest is mixing it up with your clutch.

Thu Apr 29, 2004 7:28 am

Could it be the clutch burning out?? It was slipping earlier in the day and I adjusted it (per Manual)

Thu Apr 29, 2004 7:35 am

Probably yes. You may be about due for a clutch replacement.

Thu Apr 29, 2004 7:44 am

When you seen the smoke you also should have smelled an acrid stink similar to rubber burning if the clutch disc facing was slipping to the point of smoking.

Thu Apr 29, 2004 8:43 am

I thought that when you see smoke, that some electronic device has failed.

Remember the smoke theory of electronic parts? Smoke is what makes them work. When the smoke leaks out, they quit working, right?

Thu Apr 29, 2004 9:28 am

The clutch is probably oily from a leaking rear main seal. The smoke was probably from the oil that was burned by the hot, slipping clutch. If so, you might have noticed a burning oil smell rather than a burning clutch smell.

The leak may not be that bad but if the clutch needs replacing, consider doing the rear seal while you are in there.