Positive or Negative ground

Thu Apr 29, 2004 1:00 pm

I just got a new battery and didn't think to notice which was the ground..

I know this is not the smartest thing but I can't figure it out and only one of the existing cables actually fits correctly and I don't want to hurt anything. (It appears that both cables have the same size connector. ( They have been changed by someone. :oops:

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thu Apr 29, 2004 1:08 pm

If it's still 6 volts it would be + ground. If it's 12 volts, it would normally be - ground.

Thu Apr 29, 2004 2:32 pm

Thank you John.

I just want to get it started without jumping it. I have been jumping it for over a year. Once it started I could crank it once and get it running again for a couple of days.

I would like to sell it as I have a new tractor now. Any suggestions?