Wed May 05, 2004 7:40 am

I am fabricating a post puller for my loboy. It will work off the fast hitch with hydraulics. I tried wrapping chain around the post and the hitch but it won't generate enough power to yank em up directly 1:1 .
So, I'm working on a gizmo that will pivot on a base behind the post on the ground; pinch the post with a cam type deal against a stop and gain leverage from some length to the lift point. I am reasonably certain this will work. My question is: has anyone done this bofore? Or, any ideas on ratio? I have 60 + posts to pull and I cannot let my 19 year old brain get my 45 year old body(back) in trouble on this one !

Wed May 05, 2004 8:38 am

Marian, That still sounds like a back-breaker job for a bad back. Assuming that you will be on & off the tractor for each post. I do it the simple cheap way with the old Tall style bumper jack. It will pull t-posts straight up with ease an no bending of post.

Wed May 05, 2004 9:28 am

I agree with johnbron on this one. I was just looking at one of those in the valubuilt catalog. Looks like the way to go.

Wed May 05, 2004 5:40 pm

I agree with JB as well. I use a bumper jack, the kind that fits in a slot in the bumper from early 70's Mopar or Ford. I wrap a chain around the post and hook the chain on the jack. Jack away! It works with metal T-posts and wood posts that have been milled or reasonably round. It won't pull out gnarley wood or cemented posts. Used it extensively over the past month rebuilding a horse ring. Experimented with the 3 pt on a Ford 3000, it just didn't work out. The bumper jack was easier and quicker.

Thu May 06, 2004 1:41 pm

Harbor freight has one for about $14. Works great on steel T-post and round steel post.

Nice - it's even painted bright orange for when you drop it in the grass.