59 Cub with ROPS

Sat May 08, 2004 5:52 pm

After coming back from visiting another Cubber - Wade - in Halifax, Duane and I took off the wheel weight and the very sun cracked tire off of Ellie-Mae. Now that was an experience for both of us :lol:

It is nice when you son helps with your favourite hobby! Quality time for both of us.

Anyhoosie, off we went this morning to my local CaseIH Dealer, who is also btw one of the two sponsors for CubFest. I had heard that he had taken in on trade a Cub as it was no longer big enough for the tasks at hand. While we were there and he was breaking down my tire, Duane and I went out to have a look at this here Cub.

I am informed that it is indeedy a 59 but a couple of things stand out. The first being the very obvious ROPS setup that was custom built for this Cub. Apparently as the farmer has employees the Provincial Safety cops for a lack of a better word, was all over his frame about the Cub requiring by law a ROPS system. It did not matter that the Cub was not designed for a ROPS, nor would the ROPS be effective in a rollover, the government still made him install a system. Very ingenious.

I wish I had taken my camera so I could post a pic, but I will go back out this week to see him about CubFest stuff so I will take it with me then.

The second thing that stood out was that it was a regular Cub with a Fast-Hitch. First one I have seen. Very interesting! The Cub comes with the F-194 mouldboard w/o coulter.

The third thing that caught my eye, was the plastic Circle Cub Emblem on the doglegs. Question - ? is this correct for the FCub at this time. I thought probably incorrectly that it was only the International Cub Lo-Boy that had the Circle Cub Emblem.... ideas?

Oh, btw. The Cub is for sale and yes there is a price. This Cub is in very and I mean very good ORIGINAL condition with very little surface rust. Tin is exceptional, deck is complete aside from one missing crank holddown clip. 8.3x24 tires lots of tread, and it runs like a top from what I have been told. Was a working tractor up until last week.

Here is the good news, especially for those south of the border and coming to CubFest with a trailer :idea: :!: $2500.00 Cdn is what is being asked for it, and I can tell ya, ifn I had 2500 to play with, the Cub already would have a new home! It is in that good shape!

Looks like I am learning some more today! :roll: :lol:

After coming home with the tire, it was time to remount it to Ellie and then the wheel weights. Thought it would be rougher than it was, but with 4 hands it goes rather easily. I would not want to attempt this by myself however. I really like my body parts in the position they are now :roll:

After putting Ellie's new shoe on, Duane and I spent the afternoon hauling 4 loads of mixed hard and softwood with Ellie and my logging wagon. A fair pile of wood. We didn't load the trailer up full, each load was about 1/2 cord +/-, and we have almost 2 cords stacked up in behind the shop.

All in all a very good day!

I hope all of you had as good a day as we had.....

Sat May 08, 2004 6:31 pm

Rudi I wish you had given me a call on your way to or from HALIFAX my house is only a 1000 feet from the hwy exit 7. You could have had a look at the grill for the cub. See you at CUBFST :lol:

Sat May 08, 2004 7:13 pm

Hello Rudi

Here is a picture of the 1959 insignia.


I wish I could make it to the Canadian CubFest this year..maybe next yaer though...GOOD LUCK..I hope it all goes well.

Please send a picture of the '59 you talked about.



Sat May 08, 2004 8:04 pm


:oops: Yup, should have called. My old age, what can I tell ya. And I had brought cash with me too!!!!!! Unfortunately, I really did not have much more than 2 hours budgeted as we had to get back.

We got to Miller Lake at about 11:00, visited Wade and met his lovely wife Sheila. Had to investigate Betsy - Wade's Cub, and of course try to talk him out of the spring teeth and disc hiller's for my cultivator, which didn't work bts :oops: :roll: :cry:

Sheila made us a really nice lunch which was not expected, but truly appreciated, and after that we had to hit the road. Had to be back in Moncton by 4:pm at the very latest, to take my kids to work.....

We will see you at CubFest for sure and I am real interested in them thar grills.

Mike: Thanks for the link, that is what it looks like, a little faded of course, but that is the emblem.

Do appreciate. You are welcome to come to CubFest whenever you can. And I truly hope that we will be able to make this a yearly event as well. We shall see

Sat May 08, 2004 9:33 pm

Mike showed you the right emblems for '59. The Farmall cubs had that emblem the same time the Lo-Boys had the raised oval ('58-'63). Note the Lo-Boy emblem says "Cub Lo-Boy" whereas the Farmall emblem just says "Cub".

These are made of aluminum, same as the long emblem on the side of the hood.