Polarizing generator question FOLLOW UP SIMPLY AMAZING

Sat May 22, 2004 1:08 am

Well from and earlier posting this week. I "THOUGHT" my charging circuit was completly shot.

Today I received my new voltage regulator, ammeter. I was very disapointed when I still could not get the stupid thing to charge. I checked over my wiring several times, the wiring harness was the original one, but in excellent shape and all the wires checked out good for continuity. I had voltage at the generator, but still nothing to the battery.

I was about to take the generator back off and have it rebuilt, when I discovered that someone else had it apart once before. They had the terminals switched around. The terminal stamped with the "A" was actually the field windings and the terminal stamped with the "F" was naturally the armatuer. Switched the wires on the terminals and polarized it over again, started the engine and charged about 10 amps for a couple of minutes and then settled just about a width of the needle on the "+" charge side of the amp meter and was getting about 7.2-7.6 volts at the battery posts.

I was even ALMOST to the point and very much ready to take off the generator and convert an alternator over to 6 volts and be done with it, but not now all is fine and doing well.

I have been using a gallon gas tank bolted to the side of the radiator mount for a temporary fuel supply to run the tractor. I was so happy that the generating system was working I even took the tractor for a short drive, since I have never been able to do that before I started the restoration task. About all I knew was the engine ran real good and did not smoke. I ran about 3/4 of a gallon of gas through the engine and much to my surprise, not a single problem, no unusual noises engine ran about 160 degress, PTO, hydraulics worked and the engine carried 40 pounds of oil pressure at full operating temp at idle.

It really makes one wonder, when you have SO many pieces out and parts scattered all around that you don't forget something, I guess I didn't.

I've got the engine running so smooth that when I turn the idle down you can almost count each time the fan comes around. Not bad for not having a shop manual, just this EXCELLENT site and all you good folks answering all my goofy questions.

Many many thanks to all of you and a special thanks to Rudi answering questions via email.

Thanks again guys.

John Niekamp

PS: I will be posting some pictures here shortly.

Sat May 22, 2004 6:20 am


Glad that you got her running so well. It is amazing the feeling you get isn't it when you hear that engine tick over flawlessly the first time. It never really goes away.

Keep playing and post pics asap :)