CUB-FEST 2004 - update

Sun May 23, 2004 4:20 pm

Things are still plodding along in the preparations for the big event which is now roughly 4 weeks away. Nothing really new and exciting, just grunt work. :)
I finished mowing the camping area last night about 9:30. I had a 250' open ditch down through part of it that we dug when my son had a backhoe home with him and I had not put the tile in it yet. I got the tile in it yesterday and got the ditch filled. I have another one less in the way and I'm afraid it will have to wait until I have more time. Also yesterday I ran the 6' bush-hog around the 2 mile nature trail that wanders around the farm. Some of you may recall that I built it as a walking trail then found out that most people (in spite of big talk) are really too lazy to walk daily. After Cub-Fest 2004 I will do some more work on it and it will become a horse riding trail. During CUB-Fest 2004 it will be a #$%& CUB trail. :) Not exactly a mule trip down into the Grand Canyon (this is prairie country) but I enjoy it and I hope any guest do too. I clipped the lot this morning that I sat aside for empty trailers and extra vehicle parking if needed.
The camping area has very limited shade (unless you want to camp 1/4 mile away from the barn lot) so if you have a shade, awning or gazebo you may want to toss it in. If you need any serious electrical power load in your generator. Bring lawn chairs too. Much of the camping area will be horse pens and an outdoor arena by winter so I still hope to have a few outside lights up in time for Cubfest. If I work hard enough on an early breeding program I think I can guarantee an adequate supply of Indiana mosquitoes for the evening events. Contrary to popular myths none will be larger than a house cat (pack the "Off"). :-)
I hope the corner of the field I have left fallow for plowing etc. is large enough. I figure if we run out of space we can disk it down and drag it and plow it again. I was at a tractor show last year where they did that. I think I have found a piece of scrap steel that along with some wheel weights to stack on it will serve as a sled. All in fun of course. I wonder how many tons of weight it will take for ballast to hold down a mighty CUB? Should anyone that allows their front wheels to lift more than 8 feet off of the ground be disqualified? :)
One big project still to be done is clearing the ground level of one storage barn so we will have room to get under roof if it rains. Most of the stuff in that barn is very easy to pick up... The hard part is finding a good place to put it down. ;-) Remember I am a second generation pack rat. While not large it is about 36' x 36'.
Now about the workshop... May I say to anyone that saw George Willer's shop last year, please do not expect that level of organization and polish... :-) My old shop is a busy farm shop where most repairs are made on the run and tools left hanging in the air where I let go of them when I rushed back to the field. They usually eventually drop to the floor after I am gone much like in a cartoon. Heck, I might as well fess-up, I am just plain sloppy and disorganized by nature. I have work benches I have not seen the top of in years. I do think I can make room enough that we can get as many as 3 CUBs in at once if we want to.
Branching from there, we need to be planning some shop activities. George and I discussed this a bit at the Portland IN swap meet recently and we both felt that planning times and the like would be unnecessary. Just informal as they happen things. Even then I would like to see some discussion here of things you would maybe like to see covered and perhaps some volunteers to cover some of them. Does any one have any CUB literature that they can bring along? Pictures?
I am just hosting this event, it is your event, what do you want?
Is there any way at this stage to get an idea of how many hope to come?
Sadly local motel rates are through the roof that week (some NASCAR thing at the Indy Speedway) but Walmart is selling tents for $50. :)
Is there something I am leaving out?

Sun May 23, 2004 6:08 pm

Hey Farmer! The local domestic goddess wants to know if you're planning a group meal Friday or Saturday. Gotta take care of the important things you know.

Sun May 23, 2004 6:44 pm

Where are the details of CubFest 2004, in Indiana? It is not too far from here, I might be interested in a drive down one day.

Sun May 23, 2004 7:19 pm

Chicken Wing - You need to bring that Toledo er...... Alaska Cub, head south and join in! If you need a ride for the cub...........uh........maybe something could be arranged! One way........ :D

Sun May 23, 2004 8:51 pm

I hope I don't screw this up. :) If I didn't the URL should take you to a map of Shelby County Indiana. Our farm is shown on the map by a red star just southeast of shelbyville. The orange in the top left of the map is Indianapolis crowding our way (shudder). Straight north of Shelbyville about 20 miles is the state road 9 and I-70 interchange at Greenfield IN.
To get to the farm from the state road 44 and I-74 interchange you go toward Shelbyville (left/west) and turn (left/south) at the first stop light (Arby's) and do not turn off of that road. The farm is on that road. It has several names along the route, (just 2 miles) it is called Progress Road, Clark Road and Road 200 east. You cross Michigan Road at a 4 way stop (do not turn). You pass the McKay Road at a 3 way stop (do not turn). Then you go down a hill and veer left and then back to the right through a screwball RR underpass where the road and the river both go under the RR. Warning!! One lane road... Lower window, tap horn and listen. Drive slowly.
Yes a tall truck will fit under it. Yes you can get a long trailer around it.
Cubfest is June 18-19-20.
Bigdog: I am always open to dinners :) I supposed some kind of pitch-in thingy.
If I did screw this up I will try again...

Sun May 23, 2004 10:25 pm

I won't be able to be there, but maybe this will help: