Real Seal still leaks?

Wed May 26, 2004 6:03 pm

You guy that have done this before please help me with a couple of problems. I had a bad leak so I order a new rear seal gasket and the gasket for the rear seal retainer. I split the tractor and took every thing off, clutch, flywheel, seal retainer, oil pump cover. I wanted to replace the gasket on the oil pump cover (which is very very thin) but I can't find the part # in my parts book so I used the old one and it does not seem to leak, but I would like to replace it if I can find it.
I put the new gasket and seal in and when I put it back together and cranked it up it still leaked around the bottom of the new seal in the retainer. It did not fit in the retainer real tight but the part # is correct. When you put them side by side the diameter is the same but thickness on the new seal is about 1/16 thiner than the original. Any help would be appreciated. :?