CUBFEST 2004 countdown (12 days)

Sat Jun 05, 2004 8:57 pm

Not counting today there are 12 days until CUBFEST 2004.
I keep having this gnawing feeling that I'm going to wake up on the morning of the 18th and say OH! $#!#!!! I should have ... before now.
I finished planting corn today with the old 4 row #56 IHC planter and my Farmall Super MTA. I'm getting a lot more done now that it has decided it doesn't really need to rain every blasted day. :-) Son Scott started disking the soybean ground today, it wont take long to drill them. It is years like this that make me glad that I am a very small farmer. Actually I am a very big farmer, I just don't farm very many acres. :-) I do have about 25 acres of hay to bale. Is anybody bringing a baler along with their CUB? :-)
I also among other things today, sprayed the picnic/campfire gathering area and about 1/2 of the camping area with a broad spectrum insecticide. I will finish spraying the campground area tomorrow. I plan to spray it again about the 12th. I don't like to use insecticides just willy nilly but I figure that it may help with the creepy crawlies and skeeters and as long as it has plenty of time to weather down it will be fine. I may hit the bushy areas with the fogger about the 16th just for skeeters. I like to keep our skeeters under control so they don't carry off the cats too bad. :-)
About eating... At George Willer's we had a couple of pitch-in type dinners. I am really fond of pitch-in type dinners. They make eating a nice visit instead of just people wandering off to themselves and stuffing food in their faces all alone. :-) How about a little discussion about eating??? At George Willer's the Dotsons went "above and beyond" in organizing food stuff. I'm a little at a loss in that area. Oh yes, I am an eating expert, just not a meal organizing expert.
Something to be thinking about in the back of everybody's mind for discussion this year is the location of CUBFEST 2005... Maybe there is already someone that wants to host it?