CUBFEST 2004 countdown (and stuff)

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Indiana Robinson
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CUBFEST 2004 countdown (and stuff)

Postby Indiana Robinson » Wed Jun 16, 2004 1:36 pm

Wow, CUB FEST 2004 is day after tomorrow... I'm sure I will be ready by a week from Tuesday... :-)
Glub, glub, glub... It just won't quit raining. Its not helping me get ready at all. Not too big a problem otherwise as we sit on high ground and even with all of the rain the ground is still firm enough to drive on most any place. Also they are promising no rain locally at all Friday (fingers crossed) and only a "chance" of late evening pop up rains "late" Saturday. Sunday is also a "Chance". Note that in June in Indiana they always forecast a "chance" just to cover their rears.
Most of the little patch of ground I sat aside to putter with is also on high ground and with luck we will still be able to putter fine on Saturday, maybe even Friday evening.
Again bring lawn chairs if you can, George is bringing some chairs with him if you can't. If you have a folding table of some kind that might help with the eating. Don't forget to bring CUB stuff to share and implements if you like. Note: V-8 CUBs weighing over 10,000 pounds will not be allowed in the CUB pull. :-)
If anyone has a belt pulley on their CUB I have a buzz saw sitting here and we may need to cut a little more fire wood (not responsible for lost fingers, hands, arms, toes etc.) :-)
If anyone has a canopy, flea market type tent etc. feel free to bring it along and set it up.
Remember, I am just hosting this but it is your CUB FEST and will be what we all make it.
I received the following question from someone and below it is my answer to him. I just thought I would post it here as general information.

> We are planning to come to your Cubfest, but don't know what to expect. Could you please let us know a little more , as to the number of people you expect and so on. Thanks,


Sorry to be so slow to respond but I've been very busy.
The scary part is that I don't really know what to expect... This only the second CUB FEST that we as a group have had and I can't get a handle on how many are coming. I keep saying somewhere between 15 and 5,000. I think of this as more of a gathering of friends than a tractor show as such. What I mean is we are getting together with a bunch of CUBs and hope to do some playing with them and some learning about them but I have not made it a point to invite the local general public. I have approached it maybe a little more like a large family reunion than a carnival along the highway. I hope this is making sense. The more CUB lovers the better (with or without tractors). I just don't feel that trying to attract throngs of locals with no real interest but just looking for a diversion would add to this particular event.
At the first one (held in Ohio) they held some unscheduled workshops in the shop and a few minor repairs were made. Some members brought some great literature to look through. I have sat aside about an acre of ground where the guys can maybe drop a plow in the ground. Some may bring disk or grader blades. We are going to set up and have a "just for fun" CUB pull. I have a sort of a sled and a bunch of weights. I have a 2 mile walking trail about the farm and for this week-end it will also be a CUB route. I have an area picked out for CUB items anyone might bring along to sell and some guys do a bit of swapping that they have arranged ahead of time. Guest are encouraged to bring along anything they might have to share with others like literature, pictures (CUB's or grandchildren) or maybe some unusual attachment they may have found or built.
At least one meal or maybe more will be a pitch-in dinner. Last year things were just sort of decided as we went. Sitting around the evening bonfire telling lies is also a big part of the fun.
This is a 100 acre working farm that my parents bought most of back in 1951. My 82 year old mother still lives here on the farm just a few hundred feet north of my house. There is absolutely nothing fancy about the farm. It is a very close to town farm with a bunch of tired old buildings all operated by one very tired old farmer (me) using mostly tired old equipment. Warning! I tend to collect a lot of what most normal people call junk. As if I don't drag home enough stuff we are badly infested with "pack elves" who carry "stuff" in at night. The warning is about the abundance of rust present. My shop is in an old barn and reflects my cluttering habits. I have work benches that I have not seen the tops of in years. The shop does have new white aluminum siding. Unfortunately it is still all stacked in the old loft and not fastened on the sides of the barn yet.
We no longer have any livestock on the farm but chickens and a few horses belonging to our 31 year old son's girl friend. Our son, Scott, does farm with me some but works full time away from the farm. He and his 8 year old son live at one end of the farm in a smallish white house. My wife, Diana, is very tolerant of my hobbies and really enjoys this kind of get togethers with my old iron friends. Many wives do come to these.
We are in the early stages of setting up a horse boarding operation. Very early. We do hope to have part of it going by this fall.
When you arrive (I think I sent you directions) you will find signs telling you which way to enter etc.
Looking forward to meeting you.
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Postby parts man » Wed Jun 16, 2004 10:53 pm

Robinson (et al), best of luck with your gathering of enthusiasts!! I hope the weather co-operates and ya'll get to "play tractor" and have a grand time!! Oh yeah,,,, we want to see pictures!!! :D

BTW,, sounds like a "normal" farm (and farm shop) to me!! :lol:
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