Governor Carrier Play

Wed Jun 16, 2004 1:40 pm

I must admit this is my first time on a cub rebuilt. Its a '48 and I am amazed at how well the engine has held up. Still using the original pistons and valves even though it sat outside long enough for the water to turn the oil white. Bearings are still standard, machine shop just polished the crank and rods a little.

But when I was looking to reinstall the governor I noted there is a small amount of play in what I think would be called the governor carrier (I am calling the carrier the round portion of the governor immediately after the gear, that presses in to the engine block) and the governor shaft. I don't see anything about this in the service manuals. It appears the parts surrounding it are press fitted. There is a governor base bushing in the parts manual but then the governor shaft and carrier appear to be a single unit in parts as well. Is this normal. If not do I replace the whole unit, or is this the base bushing that is listed. Nothing else looks excessively worn on the governor.

Wed Jun 16, 2004 3:16 pm

hello, and welcome to the board. there is a ton of information on these machines to be found by looking around here. the stickys at the top of this page, HL Chauvin from the main page,

but to your specific question. the two halves of the governor split like an egg. it is interference fit together, and simply needs to be tapped apart. the required bushings and bearings are available from Case IH.

if you have a little time, Lurker Carl has the photos from the governor rebuild workshop at Cubfest to post on Rudi's site (, along with a detailed writeup on the topic. but the basics of good bearings, bushings, clean, freely moving parts, and pay particular attention to the cross shaft and carb rod connection play. as much of the 'slop' as possible needs to be removed for good gov function.