cub purchase?

Mon Jun 21, 2004 8:36 am

I have been looking for a tractor to use for mowing and maybe a little tilling, for some time now. I hadn't had much luck finding anything in my price range until last weekend. I found a cub with an IH belly mower for $500. Don't know what year but it has the magneto ignition. There have been no welds anywhere, and the tie rods and steering shaft are not bent. Everything looks originial and in good shape. The paint is faded but all there. One headlight has the glass broken and the battery box is rough. According to the seller it was only used for mowing. Sounds good so far, now for the bad. The engine has a knocking sound, slightly above idle speed which increases with speed. It is not descernable at idle. When the pto is engaged or when shifted into gear it stops completely. I am assuming that is probably a rod bearing? Is this a typical cub condition? It hold 10 psi at idle and 20 at speed. It does run well and will idle up a small incline in 3rd gear. It has no hydraulics. There is a little figure 8 shaped dooflickey that holds the pto in gear. It is held by one bolt and is loose, will stay in gear with light finger pressure. Is this normal? Tires and rims are good. Does this sound like a good deal or a bad deal? How hard and expensive would it be to install hydraulics?

Re: cub purchase?

Mon Jun 21, 2004 9:18 am

If you can get the serial number, there are many online resources that can tell you what year it is. Magneto ignition and manual lift make it sound like an early cub to me. Somewhere in the 47-52 range if I were to hazard a WAG.

I'd jump on it for $500 if it were me, especially if the mower deck is solid. But then, I wouldn't even blink over sinking another $500-1000 into it to fix the issues... Engine knock could be bearings, but there's no way to tell without some exploratory surgery.

The lack of power and dying is probably due to the carb being dirty.

cub purchase

Mon Jun 21, 2004 9:34 am

It doesn't lack any power or die. It runs fine other than the knocking noise. Thats what I wanted to hear, BUY IT! I have been debating for a week now and been afraid it would be sold before I made up my mind. My intent isn't to restore it, just to mow with it and laugh at my neighbors for financing themselves into debt with their 20,000 dollar john deere's, while I mow. Oh yeah and the $500 includes delivering it to my home.

Mon Jun 21, 2004 9:58 am

If you don't buy it, I will. :)

Betcha the knocking noise is probably a cheap fix. You should be able to replace rod bearings without even pulling the engine off the tractor. Or, just run 'er till she dies and overhaul the engine completely. That's what Dad did with the old 756 gasser. Piston slap in #1 and it ran for 10 years like that.

here's a deal

Mon Jun 21, 2004 10:13 am

Allright, I am going to pick it up after work and if I give up on fixing it I will sell it to you.

Re: here's a deal

Mon Jun 21, 2004 10:19 am

bigjohn wrote:Allright, I am going to pick it up after work and if I give up on fixing it I will sell it to you.
Tell me where it is, and I'll go ahead and pick it up now and save you all the work and worry. :D


Mon Jun 21, 2004 10:22 am

Guatemalla, if I remember correctly. My disorder causes me some problems with my memory though!

Re: ok

Mon Jun 21, 2004 12:16 pm

bigjohn wrote:Guatemalla, if I remember correctly. My disorder causes me some problems with my memory though!

:roll: Well I would say that you need to get your disorder in order and call the seller and have it delivered "PRONTO". :P