Buying a Cub

Fri Jun 25, 2004 7:28 am

Figured if I asked a group of Cub fanatics, it might help my decision making.

Went to look at a '67 Cub with a 60" Woods deck last night. It's not much to look at; someone dumped yellow paint all over it, the fenders are rusted out, and the seat is a POS.

Mechanically, there is very little wrong with it. Belts and hoses. Oil change. Fix leaky seals on steering box. Also needs some rewiring. There are no other major leaks that I can find.

It fired right up. Stone cold, no choke needed. The mower deck is solid, and it cuts clean and even. Purrs like a kitten. No worrisome noises coming from the tranny. No slop in the PTO.

The bottom line? Do you think $1900 is too much for a late model cub with all the major mechanicals in good shape, but needs some dolling up and a few minor repairs?

Fri Jun 25, 2004 7:44 am


I think that $1900.00 is a fair price for a 60" Mower and a late edition Cub that purrs like a kitten. Most of what you describe is a cheap fix. Fenders are available - in fact there is a pair for sale over on the ATIS Forum for 60.00. A used seat can be had for as little as $25.00 and the rest is just a little labour.

I just paid $850.00 for a 1947 with a POS seat, so-so tin, so-so rubber and a Massey Harris Pony carb on it. I know I got a good deal :!: Nothing else came with it.

So, yeah, it is a fair price. Jump on it. You WILL be glad you did. And, just think of all the fun you are going to have putting it right.... gotta count that factor in too!