Hibernating Cub awake, but no oil pressure?

Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:17 pm

After sitting at least 3 years, I got old gas out of tank today but had to hot-wire the Cub 'cuz no juice thru switch to coil (minor problem, I imagine..). But the engine which had kind of low oil pressure when last run, registers no oil pressure now on gauge. And oil level is normal. No
pressure showing on gauge even after running a couple minutes at idle. No pressure showing when throttling up either. Took factory oil gauge out and no oil even comes out of block with engine started, and it should, shoudn't it?. Took out oil filter cartridge and it seems restricted but not completely.. Should I pull pan to see if oil pump is functional, or where should I go from here to see if actually have no pressure and what is causing it....Hope I don't have to rebuild the motor, at least until winter... But anything that can go wrong, will go wrong... Thanks,
Mike H

Sat Jun 26, 2004 9:15 am

Prime the oil pump before starting a Cub that's been sitting! The oil pump sits much higher than the oil in the crankcase and does not 'self-prime' very readily.

The easiest way to prime it is remove the oil filter cover and look for a small opening near the top of the block casting. If you put oil into this hole, it will drain down to the pump and prime it. There are Allen plugs in several places on the block that allow you to do this as well, but they tend to be harder to remove than the oil filter cover.

Good luck!