Removing rusted/frozen valves

Tue Jun 29, 2004 3:21 pm

Just brought home cub #5 (I am catching up with you George.) price was right. looked into exhaust/intake manifold it was full of water,(Exhaust pipe missing) I figured that the exhaust valves were frozen, pulled the head but the exhaust valves were free, but all the intake valves were frozen I sprayed PB Blaster in the ports in the block hoping to free up the valve stems going into the guides, I've tried lightly taping the valves. I loosen the tappets to get an screwdriver in there to pry up on the valves no luck there (end up breaking an screwdriver Sears will replace) So how do I get the the valves out ? the valve keepers are no problem they came off easy. Thanks Dave F.

Tue Jun 29, 2004 10:08 pm

Dave,Keep spraying that PB blaster,I like using this stuff Kroil,thats good stuff,also used this stuff called mouse milk,works great,also made my own receipe liquid wrench,wd-40, toulene, lacquer thinners ,xylene everything on the work bench. Let it sit for a while, add some heat, (torch) and "BOOM" :roll: :lol: Only kidding. just be careful and don't go animal on the cub(like using the most miss used tool in our box){screwdriver} walk out sidefor a while and take your time.If not go back to Sears and get a bigger screwdriver :twisted: