12 back to 6

Thu Jul 01, 2004 9:04 am

Since my latest acquisition won't need much but paint and some tin straightening, I'm considering changing it back to 6V. I'm somewhat electrically challenged, especially in DC. I'll need all the components, but where do you get'em? I see bits every now and then on ebay and TM, but what about things like wiring harness? I think this will be costly.
Any ideas? Leave it 12V?

Thu Jul 01, 2004 9:17 am

Wiring harness should not need to be changed. Just make sure your battery cables are heavy enough for the 6 volt current requirements.
You'll need a 6 volt generator and regulator. Other than that, no major investment. The coil and lights need to be 6 volt.

Thu Jul 01, 2004 9:40 am

I bought a 6 volt Voltage regulator from my local parts store.
It is an old parts store that has car and truck parts.
Not one of those new parts stores that has more cleaning supplies than parts.
I brought in the regulator and they had one in stock.
I think it cost around $50.00.
I know they had 6 volt coils too.

Thu Jul 01, 2004 9:53 am

Wiring harness should not need to be changed

No harness there. It's got individual wires run from alt to ammeter to starter. No remnants of the dimmer switch or push pull switch. Just a toggle switch. Lights were removed, so no wires heading in that direction.
Might be the original battery connection though.

Thu Jul 01, 2004 10:45 am

The wiring harness is still available from Case/IH. Check your local dealer or http://www.cngco.com .