Alt. side plates for draw bar if bolt holes are broken out

Sun Jul 04, 2004 12:05 pm

This is a plate that I have made a number of times to fix draw bar problems such as bolt holes broken out.
If you make 2 of these then you can put your draw bar any where you want.
These will let you put 2 to 3 bolts in each plate.
I just use 3/4" bolts where the pins in the reg. plates are.
Sorry about some of the pics. but I can not scan a page as long as these plates are.

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Sun Jul 04, 2004 12:32 pm


That plate can be a life saver. Thanks for posting the pictures... I'm sure they will help someone.

I have a similar fix on the tricycle Cub's busted finals so I could mount the drawbar and step.


The activity in FarmerRobinson's shop was to fabricate a similar plate to mount Steve B's plow at the Cub Fest. It worked well and many of us got to use his tractor to plow.