Dad Buys #2!!!

Sun Jul 04, 2004 12:54 pm

Well, Dad has found and bought cub #2....1949 model, #85464. It comes with a VERY nice, complete, Woods 42C-6 mower. Dad, Russ Leggitt, and I performed a marvelous recovery this morning from the back of a fellow's garage. Dad bought it from a man in Oxford, MS....right in Russ's back yard, so to speek. The cub has been dis-assembled for overhaul. We had to retrieve the block from the machine shop, bolt it to the torque tube, then attach the front and roll it onto the trailer. The mower fit nicely in the back of my truck. The whole process took about an hour. We left and went to Russ's for a quick look at all 11 of his cubs. What a GREAT way to spend part of Independence Day :!: 8)