Head bolts normally have flat washers on them?

Mon Jul 05, 2004 1:57 pm

Hello, Thanks for replies on previous posts on parts availability and oil pressure. I am slowly getting the Cub back together, but I am waiting for nearby IH dealer to round up my Woods mower parts and belts & tune-up parts & 12 volt factory-style bulbs for my '57 Loboy to finish the repairs. So far, I have wired up the 12 volt alternator and made brackets, but cannot go further w/o belts, etc.. Still not sure if oil pressure is up to par though, even despite priming. But, while waiting and hoping I don't have to tear into motor also; I noticed all head bolts have flat washers on them that seem slightly oversize. Is that correct, or has somebody added those on a repair previously? I am also suspicious that the bolts do not appear to be as old as the motor and whether bolt torque markings are less than ideal (look like cheap bolts...). I can just see the fun I would have if they are cheap bolts and I have to do engine rebuilt, they will all break off in block... Are the original bolts washered & do they have a specific marking on head?
Thanks, Mike H

Mon Jul 05, 2004 2:30 pm

Brushwolf - there are no washers used with the head bolts The part numbers are 251 230 R1 for the short ones and 251 231 R1 for the long ones. I would suggest that you get the correct bolts, install them without washers and torque them to the correct spec. of 45 foot-pounds. You might as well plan on a new head gasket while you're at it.