Home for a few days

Mon Jul 05, 2004 11:09 pm

Got home this afternoon, and after unloading suitcases, ice chests, rug cleaning equipment, etc. I finally got Missy unloaded and in the shed. Had a bird's nest in the fan, quite a surprise. Is Bigdog OK? Missy sat loaded on a trailer for over a week and he didn't show up.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayer for My Monther in law, she has improved, but will have to remain in the hospital for a while, and may still have to have surgery. Several years ago she made a list of which child (7 of them) she wanted to have certain pieces of furniture, and other items. Since she has been living with one of her daughters for the last 3 or 4 years or so and hasn't much hope of ever being able to live on her own again, she decided about 3 weeks ago that she wanted to go ahead and distribute the furniture and sell the house. Joann and I were asked to over see the distribution and begin the procedure to sell the house. We were supposed to start thsi week on the project, and my MIL wanted us to go ahead with it. What an eye opener regarding peoples dispositions and greediness. We spent the last 8 days running to the hospital (200 hundred mile round trips), distributing furniture and housewares, and cleaning the house including rugs, as well as talking to real estate agents. Boy am I glad to be home.

Tue Jul 06, 2004 5:46 am

John, it's good to see you home. I know what you're going through can't be fun. Missy is safe from me. It's no fun when it's that easy.

Tue Jul 06, 2004 10:58 am

John, i have been through the same thing before and it really can be depressing the way some folks can act about material things. Hope you can get a breather now and get on Missy and cut some grass.

By the way..don't forget..I know where Missy lives. Bigdog has been trying to get directions but so far I have not told him. Not keeping her at your place is a great idea.

Also, had to let you know that the fuel funnel works great. Thanks again.


Tue Jul 06, 2004 6:53 pm

Glad the funnel worked out. We used them on the farm for years, and they sure cut down on the fuel spills.