Carb too big

Tue Jul 06, 2004 10:06 am

While mowing with the Cub, the engine died, but restarted OK. It then kept dying. Suspecting a fuel problem, I did all of the easy stuff, Sediment bowl, inlet screen, fuel flow check and all was OK. I then noticed the governor rod would not move the throttle. I removed the carb, and found that the butterfly was contacting the manifold and jamming. This has never been a problem before. The carb is a Zenith, not the original IH. I bought it that way. I'm guessing its the wrong one since the carb diameter is larger than the manifold. I guess over time the gaskes squished enough to allow contact. I never had a problem with this until now. Oh well, I guess i'm in the market for a replacement now. :(

Tue Jul 06, 2004 11:01 am

:?: If you need to use your Cub now why dont you just put in a new gasket or double it up to get the clearance you need. If it has been working ok before then that should get you by in a pinch.

Tue Jul 06, 2004 12:52 pm

Thats probably what I will do. It will just irritate me for a while knowing that it isnt right. Although when I do get the extra cash to get another carb, it will be like a present...hmmmm maybe a winter project. :)

Tue Jul 06, 2004 6:45 pm

The replacement Zenith carbs are bigger than the original Ih carbs, and the only way to get an IH is to fins a used one.

Wed Jul 07, 2004 6:14 am

I'll have to keep an eye out. One will pass by me soon. I'll just keep the one I have, It will work with a little extra gasket material.