rear rims -- new style?

Wed Jul 07, 2004 2:20 pm

the 49 cub i bought this spring needed a new rear rim, so i bought one from wengers. finally got around to having the new tire mounted on the rim -- when i went to put the rim on the tractor a couple of nights ago, found out that the new rim was a different style...the old rims that are on have the channel where the square head bolt fits down in with no wrench required on the head -- its about a 2 inch bolt -- also has a wedge mounted under the channel which pinches tight against the wheel --- on the new rim, the channel is too narrow for the bolt, so the head must ride on top -- takes a 3 inch bolt to mount on wheel, and there is no wedge on the rim to tighten in against the wheel......i kinda figured that the old rim was the original style, and that the wengers rim was some sort of aftermarket........but yet earlier this spring i ordered new bolts from a farmall parts dealer and he sent me the longer bolts which fit the new rim, which i discovered when i went to put the rim on which way is up?? will the new rim stay tight without the wedge?? which is original...or do i have a wrong new rim?? thanks alan

Wed Jul 07, 2004 2:53 pm

This is about the 3rd post that I have read involving people getting the wrong rims from orders placed. 1 buyer modified his rim to fit while the other notified the seller & was re-sent the correct rims. I do not remember which company they were ordered from so you might want to search the archives.

Wed Jul 07, 2004 5:58 pm

I had that happen with Miller Tire--which they made good on--and someone else had the same thing happen with Tucker. The fellow I talked to at Miller DID say that some of these rims are different than others, depending on the year

Wed Jul 07, 2004 8:11 pm

Hi Alan , Wengers are very reasonable to deal with, the only problem I see might be the fact that you mounted the tire on the rim. Give them a call and see what they say like I said they are very reasonable to deal with. T.J.