Engine number

Wed Jul 14, 2004 3:07 pm

I just bought a cub with a belly mower. Can anyone tell me anything about my tractor from just the engine number? The # is [b]FOUBM-19240[/b]
I can't locate the data plate on the tractor. I have a manual that shows the placement of the plate just behind the steering box and nothing is there. It runs great, no smoke but a small nock when I get to about 1/2 throtle and it goes away as soon as a load is applyed.
Other than that I love it!


Wed Jul 14, 2004 6:49 pm

Looks like it is probably a 1948. Mine serial number is 18,7** and my engine number is somewhere about 19,500 (i don't recall the exact number, I'd have to look). Your serial number is probably in the low to mid 18,000's. You can also check the casting number and see what letter it ends with, it is in the same area, below the carb. It is like this 1 * 23 * R. If the plate were there, you would see it, its easy to see.