new cub owner has question

Sat Jul 17, 2004 6:16 am

Hi guys, I want to start buy telling you people that your site is top notch and the information on here has helped me get my cub running. I bought a 1951 a few days ago and had to have a friend help me get it going. The valves were stuck from rain water. The cub sat outside for atleast 6 years,it also need the gas tank flushed,still can't get all the rust out of it and a good tuning. Anyways my questions are , under a load the cub smokes can I put some auto. trans fluid in the oil to free up the rings. I have only had the cub running for about 3 hours will the rings free up or is this not the problem,also later put some soft seal in the oil to stop the front seal from leaking. I have had very good luck with this product on old cars that have been setting around and the seal got hard. My last questions is, the cub came with a 59 woods mower that is in great shape,brand new rear tires and everything on it works great. I have 1700 into it. Did I pay to much? Once again I appreciate your site and your time. Thank you.

Sat Jul 17, 2004 10:19 am

Sounds to me like you got a good deal. Regarding the smoking, there is a small tube that runs from the breather to the front of the block, that if it or the fittings get plugged will cause it to smoke. I use a product called Sea Foam in mine on a regular basis to help keep it cleaned out.
Have fun with the new toy.