'48 Cub Project: Head is finally off....

Sun Jul 18, 2004 9:29 pm

Well, after a week of off and on lube, heat, tap, pry, oil, heat, tap, pry, etc, the head is off. The final tally: 5 bolts out normal, two with broken off caps later came out with some heat and a small pipe wrench, but the balance of 8 are broken off flush in the block. Oh joy and rapture. Oh, and 6 of 8 valves are stuck.

Here is my first look at this stuck engine:


After I blew the water out with compressed air, the deposits looked something like this:


I scraped and chipped out most of the deposits, and it doesn't look too bad. The bores are not pitted above the pistons. I realize that it will likely take a complete engine kit, and probably boring, but I would like to get it loose so that I can disassemble it properly. An old trick that I have used many times in the past is to warm things up so that diesel fuel can penetrate around the pistons and rings. Here's the prep with some rolled up peper towling and the cylinders filled with some diesel fuel:


So, next you hit with the propane torch and sit back and watch it warm up, feeding an occassional extra squirt of diesel from a pump oil can. I know it looks crazy (my wife came out and asked me if I meant for the tractor to be on fire.....), but it really does work most times.


After the block was nice and warm, I pulled the paper towls out and after the flames went out, re-filled the cylinders with diesel fuel, which was nearly boiling. After it cooled further, I covered the whole shebang with tin and the hood and let it set until next weekend when the saga will continue. BTW, diesel fuel is already dripping from the open oil pan drain. That's a good sign! AND all but one valve has become unstuck!

Hope you like the pictures. If they get to be too much for the board, please tell me and I'll trim it down. I like to post pictures of my projects along the way so others can learn from what I do right, but more importantly, what I did wrong!

Sun Jul 18, 2004 10:51 pm

Looks like a good idea for loosening the rings up. wonder how steelwool would have worked for providing the heat? The pictures are good, keep em coming

Mon Jul 19, 2004 4:28 am

I'm not sure about steel wool. I wonder if any small bits might find their way down into the rings and stuck it worse....but in my case I don't think that's possible! :D I like paper towels is they don't get so hot and disfigure, but these will probably not be re-used.

I think this little guy might have sat outside near the ocean. There is rust on top of rust. Once I get everything apart, I'll be running my electrolysis tank full time. I might have to set up another just to keep up.