Timing Confusion

Wed Jul 21, 2004 10:03 am

Hi I am trying to time my 51 Cub and am gitting a little confused. My IT shop manual says looking at the LH side time to the first timing mark. But Bigdog said in a post on the YT forum That thats 16deg BTDC Is the shop manual wrong? Am I looking at it from the wrong side? I am calling the left side the side with the Carb on it. Please give me some insite here. And if anyone can tell me what these things run best at as far as timing.

Wed Jul 21, 2004 10:18 am

Bigdog is correct... the first mark is the one to use if you feel the need to time with a timing light. (most of us don't) The second one is top dead center and should be used for static timing. For safety reasons, if the tractor is to be hand cranked, the second mark should be used to time it static. That way it isn't likely to kick back.

Earlier tractors only had the second mark... but it looked like it was first. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Wed Jul 21, 2004 10:20 am

As you rotate the crank the first mark to line up would be 16 degrees BTDC. The second mark is TDC.

Do you have a bat ignition or a mag :?: :?:

If you have a mag then time it to TDC as described in the manual.


Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:29 am

HI, Guys I bought this little tractor on the advise of a few on the forums. I paid $1,000.00 for it ans It came with Buz saw, front mount cultivators, Snow plow/grader blade,1 bottom land plow,And model 22 sickle bar mower. It had not run in 5 to 10 years I was told. The man said he cracked the head and had a new head put on along with valve job and re ringed,He said it ran rough so he put it in the shed and thats where it sat. Well the points were covered with oil along with everything else in the distributor. Yes Distributor Not Mag
After a tune up, new wires, And a stock carb from Wengers out of PA she fired right up.She smoked for the first couple time from the tranny fluid that I put down the spark plug holes, along with re seating the Rings I am sure. Now she does not smoke anymore but lacks power severly. I would like to get the timing set along with the dwell to perfect specs so I can see if I am going to need to tear her down this winter. Or if she gains power and I can wait on that to save money to do the restoration the way the little cub deserves.She does Purr Like a Kitten right now but cant take off in 3rd at all. I also have a after market carb to try.Any help would be appreatiated. THANKS JON

Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:36 am

First thing to do is check your governor linkage. When tha tractor is stopped can you easily move the shaft going to the carb? If so the joint where the front cross shaft goes into the coupling at the governor is probably worn, and needs a shim made or some Loctite on it. Also check that the rod going to the carb isn't dragging on the side of the block causing it to respond poorly. There are manuals on Rudi's website along with tips and tricks that will help a lot. http://www.cleancomputes.com/Cub/index.html

P.S. you got a great deal for all that only costing $1,000