Went to plowing Saturday

Sun Jul 25, 2004 7:50 am

I have been working on getting the 189 two way plow set up on my cub, I was missing a eye-bolt but was able to borrow one for the time being (tmtractor.com says he will have some as he has had some being manufactured soon) Well anyway i was skeptical if the cub could plow. My last plow was a 4 bottom behind a MF-180 my fields got away from me last year and the weeds are to my arm pits. I was very impressed how well the cub plowed especially not getting tankled up in the weeds. Its a little slow but I enjoy it very much it may take me a while to get the 5 acres plowed.

Sun Jul 25, 2004 9:04 am

I've used one to plow for years, though ususally smaller plots like large gardens, etc. They will surprise you as to what they will do. One thing I have found that helps is to go over high weeds with a rotary mower first. It makes sure the weeds completely turn under.