Can Woods C-59 and 1 Pt. Hitch Co-Exist on a Cub?

Sat Jul 31, 2004 9:56 pm

Looked at a 1977 Cub today that had a Woods C-59 belly
mower. The mower runs great on the Cub. The Cub also
comes with a disassembled 1 Pt. hitch . What would be
involved with coming up with a rig that can run the Woods
mower while also having an operable 1 pt. hitch?
Thanks for your insights.

Sun Aug 01, 2004 8:49 am

I have a Woods 42" mower with mounting brackets for a cub with a fast hitch. I don't know if the 59" mower had a similar set-up or not. The mounts for the idler pulleys are different so they won't interfere with the fast hitch.

Thanks Big Dog for the info.

Sun Aug 01, 2004 9:31 pm

Big Dog,
This Cub has a 59" Woods and a Scraper (front or belly mount) plow. It has a poor paint job (it was sandblasted and painted red, but its rough, kinda pinkish looking and the decals are unrecognizable). It has a new carburator but does not drop down to a slow idle. The tractor is strong, no smoke and has good oil pressure. The radiator is clean but has some kind of sealant across the bottom near the frame. The brakes need adjusting. The seller is asking $2500 and it includes a rusted 1 pt. hitch assembly that appears to be missing a couple of parts (the u-shaped link that the hitch bar hooks onto beneath the seat and one side casting that screws onto the wheel/axle housing). I'm sure with some work the carburator can be adjusted to provide slow idle.

The answer may be to do like Mr. Rudi:
1) Buy this Cub, keep the standard drawbar in place, and use the tractor for mowing in the summer and snow plowing in the winter.
2) Buy a second 1 pt. hitch equipped Cub for gardening work.

Based on the facts above, do you feel $2500 is a fair price for the tractor and equipment?

Mon Aug 02, 2004 6:15 am

Offer him $2000 and see what happens.

Mon Aug 02, 2004 11:40 am

I agree with BD, but would probably start at $1500.00. I am on a budget and try to get things as cheaply as I can. Also, and more importantly, I like to DICKER, and dickering is a large part of the fun of buying a tractor. You will probably be surprised at what he may do. Also, leave him your name and number, tell him ifn he changes his mind, to give you a call. Wait a week and see what happens....

That is what I did with Granny. He wanted $1250.00 which to me was way, way too much, I offered him $500.00, he said no. Gave him my number and waited a couple of days. I was willing to go to a max of $800.00. After a week, he called me and said what about $900.00, I said it was still too much especially since there were no implements or anything included, and I told him call me when he had thought it over some more. Now, I really wanted the tractor, and had some misgivings about my strategy, but sure enough he called me back in 2 days and said ok $800.00, but what will you give me for the generator???? So, I said total $850.00 and he jumped at it!!!!

Sometimes it pays to dicker :!: :idea: :!: