Turf tires - what size and where to get?

Tue Aug 03, 2004 3:27 pm

I'm looking for turf tires for the rear of my Cub, but I'm confused by the various sizes and types available. Has anyone else purchased them, and if so, what size were they and where can they be found?

Tue Aug 03, 2004 5:11 pm

The most popular size used on the cub is 8.3-24. Turf tires are available in this size and are made by many tire makers. Firestone will be the most popular and can be bought at any full service tire store or ag tire store. Miller Tire, linked to this page, is a good start. 8)

Tue Aug 03, 2004 7:36 pm

Outstanding service from Miller Tire, IMHO

Miller Tire

Tue Aug 03, 2004 8:21 pm

Thanks for your replies! I don't see a link to Miller Tire on this page, but that's what Google is for :)

We do have Firestone Tire Centers around, but I'm assuming they're more for taking your car in for service - but I'll call one and ask about availability.

That's assuming there hasn't been a rash of terrible de-tread and roll-over accidents on Farmall Cubs, similar to the Ford Explorer problems! :D

Wed Aug 04, 2004 9:13 pm

Try http://www.millertire.com/

Thank you.

Thu Aug 05, 2004 8:04 am

Thanks Jeff, I did find them through Google, and I called them yesterday. The price for new turf tires is about $190 with shipping to upstate NY, so the total for two came out to $382.30 exactly.

I am going to keep looking because I seem to remember finding tires and rims somewhere for less than that, more like $165 each, and one of my rims is *really* rusty around the air stem... I wonder if that would be from Calcium Chloride spillage?

I work at a chemical company, so I'll have to ask one of the chemists later, unless you guys know offhand. It *is* a salt, so I have to imagine it will rust the heck out of ferrous metals if left in contact with moisture and metal long enough...

Thu Aug 05, 2004 8:14 am

Not a chemist, but grew up on a farm. Calcium leakage will raise holy heck with a rim.

Yeah for Miller!

Fri Aug 20, 2004 7:09 am

OK, count me as a new fan of Miller Tire!

I ordered new turf tires for the rear of the Cub, day before yesterday. They showed up yesterday afternoon on the UPS truck! Holy cow!

Now I just gotta figure out how to get them on the Cub... Never had to change a tractor tire that size before...

Fri Aug 20, 2004 8:44 am

the larger the tire the easier it is to change. those 24 inch tires will slip on real easy. clean up the rims good and lube the bead with some vegetable oil to seat the tires properly. the front tires are more difficult.

Fri Aug 20, 2004 9:09 am

Breaking the old tires loose is usually the big challenge. I've seen several posts that large "C" clamps work good for that.